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List of Guides

Rails Voice Chat with LLM

A Ruby on Rails app that uses OpenAI's Speech to Text and Text to Speech APIs to enable voice chatting with an LLM.

  • Learn how to use Actions and Generators
  • Learn how to use a simple conversational context with a Generator


A command line program that uses an LLM to generate code to pass your failing tests, enabling a workflow where you practice Test-Driven Development with an LLM.

  • Learn how Tasks are used to combine Actions and Generators
  • Learn how to build different types of Actions
  • Learn how a Generator can take multiple inputs to generate the output you want

Run LLM Models Locally with Llamafile

A guide on the recommended way to set up and run LLMs locally to interface with Sublayer.

  • Learn how to set up llamafile
  • Learn which models we recommend for local use
  • Learn how to point Sublayer to your locally running server

Command Line Command Generator

A Ruby command line gem that lets you describe something you'd like to do on the command line, generates a command for you, and stores it in your clipboard.

  • Learn how to use Generators
  • Learn how to take advantage of Sublayer being model-agnostic and allow users to select which model to use
  • Try the Gem out yourself on Rubygems
Advanced Config